Excerpt From an article by Charles G. Shaw in Vanity Fair (1928)

Out of a perambulating nightclub, an Irish wit, a knack for always landing on her feet and a genius for finding words to throw into any void, Texas Guinan of New York has emerged as a nationally known trademark for indoor fun after midnight. Her battle-word is "Curfew shall not ring tonight" and her current night-club draws to its Musical Mornings those who know they're wise and those who are willing to get wise; the very young and the very middle aged. With the technique of a circus "spieler," Miss Guinan makes her revival meetings a melting pot for Broadway and the Farm Belt. She sits atop the piano in a kind of savage Parcae glory, maintaining an unending and genuinely funny running comment, keeping everything going at one and the same time and somehow actually rejuvenating the weary formula that all the world loves a butter-and-egg man. This Circe remains the eternal, hopping, screaming, tireless Life of the Party, every night from eleven to seven.

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Here is a link to Texas's Grave Site.

The old Club Intime still exists in a new incaration as Flute.

The "Handbook of Texas" (the state) has a page on Texas (the woman).

The initial information about Courtney Love playing Texas is here.

But now the film is in Madonna's filmography.

HERE is the rest of the film lineup.

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Here is the only in print bio: Hello, Sucker!: The Story of Texas Guinan

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Grapevine Video is a specialty silent video producer with a reasonably priced collection. I am not connected to them other than as a customer. They are the only place I have found that carries a couple of Texas Guinan features (in their "Western Heroines" collection).

Splendor in the Grass. This is the film where Phyllis Dillar plays Texas Guinan.

Lady for a Day, directed by Frank Capra, features Glenda Farrell in the Guinan role.

Betty Hutton also played silent star Pearl White in Perils of Pauline.

Link to the Goldigger of 1929:

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