Introducing, in glorious fuzzy, silent, black and white!

Ten seconds of action with Texas in "The White Squaw" (1920). This film, despite the unfortunate title, has absolutely nothing to do with Native Americans. It is about moonshiners and revenue agents. Moonshiners are folks who make illegal grain alcohol (moonshine). In good melodramatic style, the sister of a suspected moonshiner falls for a revenue agent. But will she betray her own blood? In this scene, Texas has discovered that moonshiners are about to ambush her love interest. She grabs her rifle and races to the rescue!
Due to copyright issues, not to mention bandwidth, you won't get more than this snippet on line. In case you can't stand not knowing how it all turns out, pop over to the links page and visit Grapevine Video. They sell videos of dozens of silent films at reasonable prices. Unlike this sample, Grapevine videos have musical soundtracks to increase your enjoyment. The quality of the tape is directly related to the original film, so pay attention to their ratings system.

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