Credit Where It's Due

The  main menu applet is by Nick Heinle at  Webreference.

The javascript used for the terminal menus is from an  Elated Pagekit .

The world famous, ubiquitous, "Lake" applet is by David Griffiths.

The MIDI files on the terminal menus were gleaned from the vast collection at  Laura's MIDI Heaven.  (The oldies section, naturally.)

Graphics were either from one of those mondo clip art collections I bought (most of the b/w line art, some photos) or scanned in from books and newpapers with the artist's name displayed as alternate text -- if  any publisher yells, I'll yank.  I made my own buttons, and the diver for the java lake (Cool, eh?).

Sound files are from the huge collection of records that once belonged to to a relative (n.b. to whippersnappers: that's what they kept music on before CDs). Cognizant of copyright, I won't use more than 30 seconds of any one piece. If you came in through the front door, you'll hear two glorious seconds of Helen Kane, the singer who's style inspired the creators of Betty Boop!

Literary material as noted. Other textual material is all mine, including any errors.

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Since we are now on a fee paid web server, every little bit helps!


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