On May 22, 1924, Chicago residents discovered the body of 14 year old Bobbie Franks.  He had been beaten to death.  At the scene of the crime, police discovered a pair of eyeglass frames that turned out to be of a very special make -- only three pair had been sold.  The owner of one pair was  Nathan Leopold, a student at Chicago University. As an alibi, he provided the  name of a friend, Richard Loeb. Loeb broke under questioning and confessed. The most sensational aspect of the crime was the motive. The two young men were obsessed with Nietsche's concept of  the "superman," and committed the murder to prove their own superiority. At the trial, Clarence Darrow made a rousing speech blaming the degenerate state of education at the University for warping the boys' minds. He saved them from the death penalty and they were sentenced to life imprisonment. 

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