Hay Fever (1925)
Sir Noel Coward was a child prodigy. Hay Fever was written in 1924  when he was 25, and it became his third successful production (not counting musical reviews he cranked out songs for).  Coward was known for his portrayal of spoiled rich English folks acting badly.  In Hay Fever, the Bliss family, mom, pop and two children, each invites a house guest over without telling the others. There's a lot of double entendre and partner swapping, but it was still essentially a wacky comedy.  It was supposedly based on a real house party Coward attended, but every one denied being the prototype.  After the premiere, Coward quipped, "Although the audience and the critics may have found the play a trifle dull, they would at least have to admit that it was as clean as a whistle." Coward remained active until his death in 1973.

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