In 1927, former R.A.F. officer Bill Lancaster set off in his Avro Avian to try for a long distance flying record (England-Australia).  With him flew Australian journalist "Chubbie" Miller. Bad weather forced them down in Sumatra.  Danger breeds romance. Bill and Chubbie fell in love in the jungle and became lovers. Unfortunately, there was a major scandal.  You see, they weren't married, and Chubbie was engaged to a nice young man at home. (Of course Chubbie was her nickname -- what were you thinking?)  Chubbie stayed with Bill for four years before deciding to marry another man.  Lancaster tried for another record in 1933, and vanished. The remains of his plane were not discovered until 1962.  In case you were wondering, the record for longest flight in a light plane was broken in 1928 by Bert Hinkler.

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