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"The rich get rich and the poor get children." -- Noel Coward

At most speakeasies, customers are fleeced at the bar. At this one, we substitute a book store. In lieu of high priced champagne or watered gin, we offer you an opportunity to browse for books or videos related to the 1920s. Yes, there's a kickback (This is a bar, sugar!). But instead of using the cash to buy off the coppers, the commissions earned here are plowed right back into Tex's own library, so that this site can grow. If you don't have the scratch to buy a book, Amazon.com also has an "honor system" that lets you donate a buck to Tex without breaking the bank. A little for me, a little for you, a lot for Amazon. But ain't we got fun?

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Since several people have expressed particular interest in Tex, here are links to a couple of good books. You can click here and cut to the chase.

The first one I read was:
There are some good photos here:
(I think the Berliner is out of print, however, so check A Libris below.)

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