Sister Aimee Gets Her Man
On May 18, 1926, a woman disappeared from Venice Beach, California.  This was no ordinary missing persons case, for the woman in question was nationally known evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson.  She could heal the halt and the lame. She could offer salvation to any one who sought it.  Her fate was the concern of thousands of followers and fans.  For a month, divers searched for her body under the pier. Then, someone noticed another missing person:  Kenneth Ormiston, a radio announcer. He was rumored to have been more than a little intimate with Aimee.  He was also a married man. The press began to opine that Aimee and Kenneth had probably run off to a cozy love nest somewhere. At the end of June, Aimee turned up in New Mexico. She told a wild story about having been kidnapped and held  by three people (from whom she escaped to walk across the New Mexico wilderness on foot).  These people not turn up, but Aimee was eventually charged with obstruction of justice. Oh, yes, Ormiston reappeared, too.

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